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GCC – a faster unity3d game networking

Hello World,

Welcome to Game Cloud Continental official blog.

My name is Kalin Mihaylov and I am co-founder and CEO of Game Cloud Continental.

This is the first time I ever write a blog post in my life, so I do not promise you a lot of exiting content in that particular post.


The purpose of that blog is to share some thoughts and feeling that our team is experiencing in our journey for creation of a new kind of cloud – the game cloud. Our purpose – to improve unity3d game networking.

Since 2013 we are trying to build some new technological platform called Game Cloud Continental. It is a game server designed for Unity3d based games, but also for any c# based game engine.

The technological break-troughs are several and I will leave the detailed explanation to our CTO – Atanas Marinov.

The Product

The most important advancement is our “Advanced Context Serialization Technology” which enables the games to send only small fragments of information to the server, reducing the overall traffic with up-to 96% making it perfect for mobile games, played on slow, expensive mobile networks.

This is achieved by making our platform completely authoritative – meaning that the game core logic runs on our cloud platform as well as on the client devices. This enables the game developer to prevent cheating by leaving his game logic decisions on the server and do not fully trust what game client sent to server game logic.

The same fact, enables dramatic network reduction, sending and receiving only game meaningful data and not just messages containing everything that a game frame could have.

But in order to be fully authoritative, we needed to enable server side physics. Without it anyone could cheat about his condition and place in the 3d space. The problem there is that Unity3d physics cannot be run server-side, or at least the cost to run per player would be extreme. So we have decided to enable BEPU physics engine for server side collision detection.

Our efforts reached the point that we have declared Beta version of our product called GCC Pro and we are welcoming you – game developers – to try our cloud platform. It is free up to 30 concurrent users, and you do not have to pay until you officially launch your game.

To all game developers

We have created an SDK that is cross-platform (for Windows and Mac OS X). It is freely available after registration and have a nice integration within Unity3d editor and a local cloud emulator to play with.

The documentation is available at the company site and you can always get some fruitful help from our forum.

May the source be with you,

Kalin Mihaylov

GCC pro

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